2 Ways A Trip To The Vet Can Help Your Cat Lose Weight

Many changes, such as weight gain or loss, happen slowly and over time. In your case, you may have noticed your cat gaining a bit of weight each month. While your cat might not be at a point where you feel it is a major concern, you might want to stop their weight from climbing. A smart move is to schedule a trip to a veterinarian because they can help in numerous ways.

5 Common Vet Services For Dogs

Whether you adopted your dog or bought it from a breeder, you likely consider it an important member of your family. As such, you want to do everything you can to ensure your dog's health and well-being. Besides feeding your furry family member a nutritious diet and taking it on regular walks, you should make routine vet care a priority. Here are a few common vet services for dogs that you should know about.

3 Potential Problems With Letting Your Pet's Fur Become Matted

If you're like most lucky people who have opened up your heart and home to a dog or cat with long, fluffy fur, you probably take pride in your pet's appearance when it's freshly groomed. However, if you're as busy as most people are these days with work and family obligations, keeping your pet well-groomed may be near the bottom of your list when it comes to prioritizing routine activities. This can lead to matting, and while many people believe that matted fur is merely a cosmetic issue that won't harm pets, that is not the case.

5 Reasons To Take Your Dog To The Vet

Having a dog as your pet is sure to bring you a great deal of happiness. Getting unconditional love from this animal can make any day a better one. The good news is you can address medical issues and work to keep your dog healthier in the process. Knowing reasons to take your dog to the vet may be helpful to you. Reason #1: Seizures The last thing you may want to see is your dog having a seizure.

4 Things To Know About Acupuncture For Your Pet

Alternative medicine is not just for people; alternative medicine can be a useful way to treat your pets as well. One form of alternative medicine that your pets can use is acupuncture. How It Works Acupuncture with animals is very similar to acupuncture with humans. Special acupuncture needles are inserted into specific points on your animal's body. These points on your animal's body are pre-determined acupuncture points on your animal's body that line up with specific blood vessels, muscles, and energy fields.