Dog Dental Disease: Signs And Symptoms

Your dogs teeth need to be taken care of much like your own. Dogs can get cavities, dental disease, gingivitis, bad breath and rotten teeth that need to be pulled out to prevent further damage - just like that of a human. Although dogs do not use the same type of toothpaste a human does, there are toothbrushes and toothpastes made for dogs on the market and should be used daily to brush your dogs teeth. Dog dental disease should be treated by your pet's veterinarian. See below for signs and symptoms, as well as dental care tips to help take good care of your dog's teeth.

Signs And Symptoms

  1. Bad Breath. Sure most dogs don't have minty fresh breath, but if you notice that your dog's breath is extra stinky, it could be a bigger problem. Bad breath can be caused from an infection beneath the gum-line.
  2. Excessive Drooling. Excessive drooling (more than usual) or pus draining from around your dog's teeth can also be from an infection in your dog's mouth.
  3. Itching/Pawing At Face. If you notice your dog is acting strange pawing and itching at his face a lot, sneezing quite a bit, or acting more irritable than normal, you may want to take your dog to the vet for a checkup. 
  4. Trouble Eating. If your dog is having issues eating his food, such as cannot chew it or food falls out of his mouth while eating, it could be a problem with his teeth. Try to feed him softer food, or add water to his regular food to soften it. Be sure to also take your dog to the vet to have his teeth looked at.
  5. Other Signs. ​​
  • Plaque buildup around your dog's gum line.
  • Loose or missing teeth.
  • Bleeding or swollen gums.
  • Weight loss.

Dental Hygiene Tips

Help prevent dental disease in your dog by brushing his teeth. Purchase a toothbrush made for dogs, as well as doggy toothpaste. Start by brushing your dog's teeth in the front, then if he will let you get to the teeth in the back, brush those as well. You may need to start slowly to get your dog used to you brushing his teeth. Also be sure to have your dog's mouth and teeth looked at when you take him in for yearly veterinarian visits, and schedule a teeth cleaning to have them professionally cleaned.

Dental disease is a serious issue for your dog that can lead to other issues and problems. Take good care of your dog's teeth to help keep him healthy and happy. Ask your veterinarian about other dental tips for your pup. If your pet needs dental x-rays check out a site like