Help Your New Pet Cat Accustom To Their Surroundings

If you recently adopted a cat from an animal hospital and the clinician who helped you fill out paperwork required to acquire ownership of the animal told that the cat was often secluded in their previous home and wasn't offered much companionship, resulting in the animal acting nervous when around people, you may be concerned about the pet adapting to your household. Use the tips below to help your pet grow accustomed to their new surroundings so that they remain content and comfortable. 

Allow Your Pet To Explore At Their Own Pace

If you will be transporting your pet home in a carrier, bring the carrier into your home upon your arrival and slowly open the door to the carrier. Do not force the cat to leave the confines of the carrier. Instead, sit down in a chair and remain quiet while you observe your pet. After your pet peeks out from the carrier and sees that there is nothing to be afraid of, they may be inclined to explore their surroundings. During this time, welcome your cat to come over by you. If your pet chooses to walk near your chair, gently pet your cat's head and talk softly to the animal. 

Keep Bedding, Food, And Toys In the Same Spot

Create a peaceful sanctuary for your pet to enjoy eating, sleeping, and playing. A small nook in your dining room or a corner of a den that is surrounded with basic furnishings and subtle decorations will provide your pet with a non-threatening area to spend time in.

After setting up a pet bed, food, and water bowls, and a shallow basket of soft toys, allow your pet to look around and do not force them to go into the bed or utilize the other items. If you keep everything in the same spot on a daily basis, your pet will feel reassured and will be likely to use the items that you have provided. 

Provide Your Cat With A Massage While Playing Soft Music

A holistic pet healer uses alternative methods to assist with reducing stress in animals and can also aid in treating a variety of ailments. With holistic care, massages, scented oils, and soft music are often used to create a calm atmosphere that will help a cat or another type of animal feel at ease. If you would like to use a holistic approach at home, carry your pet into a dimly lit room.

Put on a pair of rubber gloves and pour a few drops of a non-toxic herbal oil onto your fingertips. Gently rub your cat's back and neck while you play soft music in the room. The scent emitted from the oil will calm your cat and the music will help them remain relaxed. 

For more tips on getting your cat comfortable in your new home, reach out to a center like the Downing Center For Animal Pain Management that offers alternative pet therapy.