3 Pieces Of Used Veterinary Equipment Highly Useful In A Farm Setting

If your farming endeavors involve raising livestock, chances are you will grow to be quite familiar with your local veterinarian. From helping cows give birth to their cows to handling injuries and wounds on horses or even chickens, you will eventually learn a lot of the basic veterinarian treatments for animals on your own. Because there is always going to be an animal on your farm that needs attention to stay healthy, it can be quite useful to have some of your own veterinary equipment on hand. Take a look at these three pieces of veterinary equipment that you should consider buying used for your farm.

Basic Ultrasound Machine - In a pinch, having an ultrasound machine on hand can be a great help on your farm. If you need to determine if a mare is pregnant or know the approximate size of a calf, you can use the ultrasound equipment to get a glimpse inside at what is taking place. Because veterinarians use ultrasound equipment so frequently, it is usually not too hard to find a used machine that they are getting rid of because they are upgrading to a new model. If you cannot find an ultrasound machine, consider investing in a heart doppler that can detect the heartbeat of an unborn animal. 

Large Animal Scales - Knowing the weight of your livestock is useful information for a lot of reasons. Therefore, investing in a large animal scale is a good idea for a farm owner. These scales have an aptly sized platform for the animal to stand on and provide weight results quickly. By monitoring an animal's weight, you can:

  • determine if they are growing correctly
  • get an estimate of how much an animal is worth before you sell it
  • monitor for illnesses and diseases that can cause an animal to lose weight

Warming Unit - A warming unit can be used for an array of purposes on a farm setting. If you have an animal that is losing its body temperature, for example, the warming unit can be used to provide localized heat to a certain area. Warming units are also an amazing benefit if you have newborn animals that need a little more nurturing in cold weather before they are strong enough to set out on their own or with their mother. There are several sizes and varieties of warming units available, but just having a small setup can be a huge advantage.