2 Ways A Trip To The Vet Can Help Your Cat Lose Weight

Many changes, such as weight gain or loss, happen slowly and over time. In your case, you may have noticed your cat gaining a bit of weight each month. While your cat might not be at a point where you feel it is a major concern, you might want to stop their weight from climbing. A smart move is to schedule a trip to a veterinarian because they can help in numerous ways.

Diet and Exercise Plan

An important part of maintaining a healthy weight is diet and exercise. However, while exercising is a dog is easy because you can take them on a walk or to a dog park, you may have a tough time with your cat. Bringing out toys may only yield positive results when your cat is in the mood. They might not be in the mood to exercise enough to reap the benefits.

A veterinarian will want to know about your cat's diet and exercise habits. Diet can have an even greater impact on weight than exercise, and a vet can address this concern well. A suggestion you may receive is to switch to a complete wet food diet. The water content is high, and the calories are relatively low for how much your cat may be interested in eating in a day.

Veterinary clinics often carry prescription and non-prescription food. Sometimes, you may find a clinic with food that the veterinarian often recommends for weight loss.

Exercising is not always an easy hurdle to overcome. However, a veterinarian may ask about your cat's personality and what they are most interested in. A food-motivated cat might respond well to a meal-dispensing ball that dispenses food when pushed out of a small hole.

Health Concerns

A health problem is another reason your cat may be gaining weight consistently. A veterinarian will perform a thorough health check, and they may want to do blood work to see if anything looks abnormal. Going through this process can give you peace of mind and will help you find out if any health issues might be causing the problem in the first place.

When your cat is on the older side, you may notice them gaining weight because they are eating the same but exercising and moving around less. A veterinarian may suggest giving your cat joint supplements if they notice that your cat is showing signs of discomfort and arthritis.

Schedule a vet visit to determine why your cat is gaining weight and find solutions. For more information, contact a veterinarian near you.